We put so much time and effort in preparing things for baby and labour that postpartum often gets left behind.. until were right in the thick of it!


But mama look no further than our Postpartum Prep Bags to help YOU get organised for after baby arrives!


Designed to fit all of your postpartum essentials, we have labelled 3 cotton twill envelope bags to secure and keep things tidy in your hospital bag.

No more scrambling around in what you've packed for after birth, no more yelling at the hubby because his grabbed the wrong item for you.. with our postpartum prep bags + checklist you cannot go wrong planning your postpartum.


Whats inside?

- 3 large cotton twill envelope bags 30cm x 40cm

Postpartum Things That Heal

Postpartum Breast Friend

Postpartum Pads & Undies

- Postpartum guide/checklist


* Do not soak, bleach or heavy wash/cycle bags

* Light wash/cycle in cold water only recommended

* Do not directly iron on top of labelling (iron on the underside) when ironing bagsl

Postpartum Prep Bags