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Cuddly Caddie Bag

Please refer to our caddie collection for more information on which caddie would be perfect for you!


For Baby


2 x 000 cotton onsies

1 x baby blanket 

1 x cotton swaddle set with hat

10 x cotton face washers

2 x cotton burp cloths

2 x cotton bibs

1 x teething set


For Mama


Upside Down Peri Bottle with bag (blue or pink pending stock)

Volume: 300ML

Materials: EVA main body + PP nozzle

Nozzle: Retractable & Hidden


Use: Simply add luke warm water (not hot or boiling) into the bottle, place upside down and point the nozzle where you see the holes in the direction you want the water to go to which will aid in instant relief for any stinging from peeing or pain from stitches/tearing/swelling.

This can also be useful with caesareanbirths by restricting bending to far where your incision may hurt - simply using the peri bottle can assist with reaching those difficult lady bits without causing too much strain.


Maxi Pads*

Can vary in brand (we mainly stock TENA overnight maxi pads)

TENA overnight maxi pads have additional length and the shape provides full coverage for greater protection


Use: to support you during those first few days post-birth when bleeding is at its most heaviest.

Deluxe - Mama & Baby Boy

  • Our Deluxe Caddie is one of our limited edition packages.

    In here you will find a mix of basic/ultimate essentials to assist mama and baby postpartum.

    To tie it all together you have our Cuddly Caddie to store all your essentials within arms reach whether you prepare this bag to take to the hospital or have it all ready to go once you arrive home with baby – you will definitely be ticking off items for yourself and bub on your list in preparation for life post-birth.