Where to start

Step 1

Its best to make sure you know roughly when mama is due so you can select a caddie package that will cater to her needs. 
For example gifting mama a caddie with postpartum items when she has had the baby over a month ago will not be as useful to her since her postpartum period starts as soon as baby is born! If you're leaning towards baby, our range is more tailored to a newborn but the caddie bag itself with some selected products can be used beyond that newborn period. Just send us an email via our contact us page and we will be happy to discuss more.

Step 2

Now that you know roughly when mama is due, its time to knuckle down with who exactly you want to cater for. Are you only wanting items for mama, baby or a bit of both?

We also offer mini packages in the event you may have items of your own that you want to add into the bag! 

Step 3

Which caddie design do you like? The great thing with our caddies is that they will fit in with mostly any décor so whether mama is having a baby boy or girl or its a surprise – you can ensure that we got that part covered!
You can find more over in our caddie collection page if you need a little more help!  

Step 4

So now we know roughly when mama is due, we know who we want to cater too, we’ve picked the caddie bag we think mama will love – what’s left? The type of theme you’re after, there is neutral, boy or girl themed caddies if you’ve chosen a baby specific or one of our mixed packages,

Step 5

Its time to start browsing - head over to our online shop by clicking on the button below to see what packages are available!