About Us

Firstly, let me introduce myself,

Hi my name is Katrina, the one running Cuddly Caddies behind the scenes!

I had no idea how caddie bags worked until I stumbled across my sister using one a few years back. When she explained it was something that she kept everything in for baby – a lightbulb hit!

Now the other names it can go by are ‘Nappy Caddy’ or ‘Diaper Caddy’ which makes much more sense – BUT what if it could be used for mamas essentials as well?

So after having 3 children of my own and experiencing postpartum differently with each one, I thought it would be a wonderful thing to not only have the ideal essentials most mamas need during their postpartum phase but to have something for a baby AND a caddie bag to tie everything together giving it that one – stop – shop appeal!

Of course, I needed to be sure that it would be something I would use for myself – so I sat on the idea for a while and it was not until after having my 3rd child late in the year of 2020, I got to put it to the test!

Fast forward to now and well into the year of 2021, it is still something I use every day with my toddler and baby.

It is something I feel every mama would benefit from, having everything they need within arms
reach, to take around the home with them, especially during that newborn and postpartum phase but also beyond!


We love to shower baby all the time but what you will find here at Cuddly Caddies are packs curated with love all snug in our caddies to care for mama too!

So welcome and thank you for taking the time to read about Cuddly Caddies and how it all started!